anri sala - edi rama inversion

anri sala
$ 1,000 mxn

Born in Albania, educated in Paris and now living in Berlin, Anri Sala represents a truly international contemporary vision. Working in a range of media, including video, photography and sound installation, he has developed a very personal vision of a post-historical world with a simplicity that transcends borders and cultures. His subtle weaving of the basic elements of light and darkness, achrome and colour, and sound and silence create a transformative experience that mesmerizes the viewer. Composed of two volumes bound into a single book, this original publication documents a rare North American exhibition and provides an introduction to the artist’s career. The second section of the book is devoted to the project Inversion (Creating Space Where There Appears to Be None) conceived by Anri Sala with Edi Rama. The project is explored through four conversations with the artist as well as an artist’s statement. In English and French.


musée d'art contemporain de montréal
128 p.
27 x 23 cm