AFTER 2005, BEFORE 2012

sarah lucas
$ 1,200

This publication was created to coincide with SITUATION CLASSIC PERVERY,  Lucas’s year-long project spaceSITUATIONat 4 New Burlington Place, London. It is the product of a collaboration between Lucas and creative director Olu Michael Odukoya. Its innovative design accentuates the formal qualities of Lucas’s sculpture, combining predominantly black and whitephotographs of her work punctuated with occasional colour images. It traces the development of several important series of work – including Penetralia, 2008, sculptures responding to the Suffolk countryside where Lucas works; and NUDS (begun in 2009), consisting of nylon tights stuffed with fluff and fashioned into ambiguous bodily forms.

The book has been interleaved with short interviews between Lucas and curators, writers, artists and friends who have closely followed her career. By turns incisive, comic and poignant, these exchanges combine into unprecedented insight into her art and life.


koening books / sadie coles hq


175 p.

30 x 20 cm