artaud 1936

abraham cruzvillegas
$ 325 mxn

Artaud 1936 commemorates the legacy of the dramaturge, writer, actor and theorist Antonin Artaud, while at the same time, explores the cultural memory constructed after his death -in 1948- through the artwork of diverse artists. Seen in many ways as martyr and prophet, the influence of his work endures and is placed in that indefinite space that moves between theory and practice." (HKB Translation). This exhibition commemorates French playwright Antonin Artaud, his legendary trip to Mexico in 1936 and the influence of his artistic, literary and life legacy throughout the American continent. The edition also rescues Artaud writings in El Nacional and presents unpublished essays, as well as special contributions from some of the participating artists.

Published on the occasion of the exhibition held at Museo Tamayo in Mexico City from Feb. 10 - May 20, 2018.


secretaria de cultura, instituto nacional de bellas artes



339 p.

19 x 26.5 cm