Kimono Dr. Lakra

dr. lakra
$ 14,600 mxn


The KIMONO BODYSUIT PROJECT is a collaborative project between Bangkok-based tattoo collective LOCO MOSQUITO and London's globally revered tattoo parlour SEVEN DOORS TATTOO. 

The initial idea behind this project was based on the 'Bodysuit Scrolls' exhibition that was held at SEVEN DOORS TATTOO in 2015, whereby a collection of lifesize bodysuit artworks by handpicked group of leading tattoo artists was displayed as scroll paintings. 

This inspired the group to come up with the KIMONO BODYSUIT PROJECT. By representing the artists with an alternative medium of a fully printed kimono to resemble a bodysuit, this enables us to create something that is three-dimensional and dynamic. 

To realise this project was a selection of 8 of the world's best tattoo artists to take part, each offering their own unique take on their vision of a full bodysuit tattoo. 

All 8 artists were commisioned to create a lifesize painting which were then printed and translated into kimonos, resulting in an artistic object that are both weareble as clothing and also as a collectable decorative art piece for the home/studio of tattoo art enthusiasts worldwide.