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The Contemporary Arts Museum Houston will present Perspectives 139: Abraham Cruzvillegas, opening October 24, 2003, the first solo museum show for the Mexican artist, which examines his three-dimensional, assemblage based work. The exhibition will feature a number of new and recent works, including ten new wall- and floor-bound sculptures developed by Cruzvillegas specifically for this exhibition.

The exhibition reflects the institution’s commitment to documenting new directions in art. “Our mission at the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston is perfectly embodied in the exhibition for Cruzvillegas,” remarked Marti Mayo, Museum Director. “Creating curious and playful compositions of various found objects, the show offers an in-depth look at the work of this international artist. It continues a tradition at the Museum of providing dynamic experiences for our audiences, and insight into the contemporary world of art and ideas.”

Cruzvillegas currently lives and works in Mexico City, where he is an active and influential member of a new generation of contemporary artists. Known for his composite, three-dimensional work, Cruzvillegas draws upon diverse materials and ready-made elements to create peculiar assemblage-based pieces. His ingenious arrangements of discrete, seemingly unrelated objects include items such as a variety of bird feathers, photography studio props, seashells, and bowling balls. Assembled in uncomplicated ways, these materials are used to create unusual and thought-provoking work.

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